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Centanni Communications provides communication strategy and support, media training and other services for a wide range of clients. As in any profession, different challenges require different solutions. As a rule, we believe a press release is not always the answer. In fact, it is rarely the answer. We prefer to craft a targeted media strategy that pinpoints the best way to reach your audience, ultimately reaching your goal.

Here are few recent projects to demonstrate how we work.


School Board Reform

House Bill 942 (Act 720), by Rep. Steve Carter

Client: Council for A Better Louisiana

House Bill 942, the School Board Member Interference bill, was the centerpiece of a school board reform package offered by Rep. Steve Carter, the Council for A Better Louisiana (CABL) and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). It was designed to help school board members to better focus on school and student performance. Over the course of several months leading up to the 2009 Legislative Session, we implemented a comprehensive media strategy to educate the public and gain the support necessary for success at the Capitol. This involved a series of editorial board meetings, speeches to local chambers of commerce and similar groups and a weekly grassroots newsletter to keep the public engaged at every step of the legislative process. In the end, major newspapers across the state, school and community leaders, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed the package. The 2009 effort served to spark a conversation on the issue, and a reworked version in 2010 found success in the Legislature.

Privatization Transparency and Oversight

House Bill 1443 by Rep. John Bel Edwards

Client: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

This bill sought to bring transparency and legislative oversight to Department of Health and Hospitals attempts to privatize state-owned mental health facilities. Through earned media we put pressure on DHH, generating widespread coverage of the issue, shedding light on the situation and engaging the public affected by the move. Working with the East Feliciana Economic Development District, we brought together legislators whose districts were involved in privatization efforts, and with a carefully crafted message provided for compelling committee hearings on the bill. It was passed by the House and Senate, and while Governor Jindal vetoed the bill, his administration changed its rules privatizing such facilities to include a public comment period, thus achieving the client's original goal of adding transparency to the process.

Making the Case Against Federalization

Client: Former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco

As part of ongoing media relations for the former governor, we were faced with the challenge of responding nationally to a controversial account of her work during Hurricane Katrina that threatened her legacy on the matter. After the release of "Decision Points," the memoirs of President George W. Bush, which contained a chapter on Hurricane Katrina, there was a renewed public debate over the issue of federalizing the National Guard. Federalization is a complicated issue that requires an in-depth discussion to explain. Rather than issuing the usual statement reacting to the book, which rarely gets published in its entirety, we determined the best bang for our buck was to submit a guest editorial to the Times Picayune. This ensured her side of the story would be printed from start to finish, leaving her message pure and allowing for broader exposure once the story was posted online and shared on Facebook and Twitter. The result was positive news coverage and multiple requests for interviews allowing the former governor to tell her story.

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